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Relocation math
« on: June 10, 2017, 03:32:59 PM »
Hi all,

New to mmm so need some help as I live in Croatia and finance wise things are sometimes hard to translate.

The topic is where to live.

1) small city apartment
Bike distance to work (almost)
Paid off
Traffic jams are constant
City not bike friendly
Can be rented for 3.000 per month

2) nice bigger house
Monthly instalment is 8.000 from that 6000 is interest at the moment.
Commute is 40 minutes and 20 miles with gas costs at 1.500.
We have one car hatchback, leased.
But here is the catch. There is no local tax so that ads 2.000 per month extra, plus a travel allowance from the company of 500 per month.

So for me it looks like the best solution is not to move closer to work but perhaps just a cheaper place.

P.s. cost of housing is 15.000 per square metre in the city vs 7.500 outside.



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