Author Topic: Resume Help - Representing Career Progression at Long Stint at One Company  (Read 862 times)


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After 10 years at my first company out of college, I'm ready for a change. I've worked my way up bit by bit over the years, so I've held several different titles, and I'm not sure how to represent that on my resume. Brief summary:

Specialist (2 years)
Sr. Specialist (4.5 years)
Manager (1.5 years)
Sr. Manager (.5 years)
Moved to new department
Sr. Manager (1.5 years)

And I'm expecting this review cycle I'll be promoted to Principal Manager (which is a stupid title that sits between Sr. Manager and Director)

How would you represent that on a resume? It seems ridiculous to have a separate listing for each position, but if I lump any together, which title do I use? Is it appropriate to have just two listings, one for each department, and indicate the career progression in each? Something like this:

Department 1
Progressed from Specialist to Sr. Manager, 2008-2016

Department 2
Progressed from Sr. Manager to Principal Manager, 2016-2018

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I'm sure the titles and progression will look good, but I also think a resume should highlight accomplishments. So I'd recommend that you break it into sections, and in each section, you speak about what you accomplished in that role. (Basically answer "why" you made the progression you did, and "why" another company would benefit from hiring you over someone else with your current title.)