Author Topic: Rehabbing a house. How can I travel hack it?  (Read 675 times)


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Rehabbing a house. How can I travel hack it?
« on: July 15, 2019, 03:09:11 PM »
My wife and I celebrate our 20th anniversary next April. I've been planning to start learning about travel hacking to help pay for an anniversary trip, but a rehab opportunity has unexpectedly fallen into my lap and I'm going to be focused on that for the next few months. The opportunity to easily generate minimum spend(s) has increased while the opportunity to start learning about travel hacking has decreased. So I am here, hat in hand, asking for some help from those of you already in the know.

Rehab spend should be around $15k-$20k over the next 4 months or so, mostly at home improvement stores. Normal spend is $2k-$3k/month.
My wife and I have credit scores around 800 and we have not opened any cards in the last couple of years. Most recent was PNC (our bank) 2-3 years ago.
Only two current cards: PNC CashBuilder (I'm primary) and Chase Sapphire (she's primary).
We have been talking about Hawaii for our anniversary because we are down to 2 states left to visit and Hawaii sounds better than Rhode Island for an anniversary getaway.
Travel will probably be around March 22-29, 2020 as that is her spring break. Otherwise it would have to be next summer.
We fly out of St. Louis.