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401k Elections
« on: August 28, 2017, 11:56:52 AM »
Hey, everybody! I'm new to the community and after some reading realized that my 401k investments aren't where they should be. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for my elections. I have the following options:

Schwab Government Money Fund SNRXX
Vanguard Balanced Index    VBIAX
Vanguard Energy Adm    VGELX
American Funds Growth Fund R6    RGAGX
Vanguard Mid Cap Index    VIMAX
Vanguard Mid Cap Value Index Adm    VMVAX
Vanguard Small Cap Index    VSMAX
Vanguard Small Cap Value Index Admiral    VSIAX
Fidelity International Index Investor    FSIIX
Vanguard 500 Index Admiral    VFIAX
Vanguard Mid Cap Growth Index Adm    VMGMX
American Funds New Perspective R6    RNPGX
Vanguard REIT Index    VGSLX
Artisan Small Cap   ARTSX
PIMCO Total Return Instl   PTTRX
Dodge & Cox Stock   DODGX

Also should I rebalance?
And one last question. I just sold my home and have around $40k I'd like to invest. Should I put it all into VTSAX? I'm 36 and just starting on my stash.