Author Topic: Reader Case Study - Overwhelmed and losin' it  (Read 29419 times)


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Re: Reader Case Study - Overwhelmed and losin' it
« Reply #100 on: July 13, 2015, 08:08:43 AM »
Quick update - The cats have been re-homed.  Yesterday morning we got two separate calls about the cats and sure enough ,they came by to pick them up.  I'm very glad we didn't have to resort to a shelter and it made it a lot easier for my wife to deal with it.  I sold a few games this weekend for about $125-130 after Ebay fees and instead of going out to eat like we we re thinking of doing, we bought some burgers and buns from Price Rite, made some homemade iced coffees, brought out the radio, filled up the little pool and had a mini cookout with our son under our carport.  It was a great way to spend a couple of hours relaxing and enjoying the near 90 degree day :)

I'm doing better this month itemizing our spending so it will be easier to see exactly what categories our money is going.

Our communication seems to be going much better too so hopefully all of this will snowball into success.

!!! This is such great news! Not just the cats, but the communication. I'm so glad to see a little harmony in your life right now. Wonderful!

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Re: Reader Case Study - Overwhelmed and losin' it
« Reply #101 on: July 13, 2015, 01:28:56 PM »
Congratulations on the update.  You must have been doing a good job on both your finances and your marriage, and it has started to pay off.  Thank you too for letting us know about the progress you have been making - it is very heartening to get such positive feedback.