Author Topic: Allied Health Contract Traveling- the mustachian way?  (Read 2126 times)


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Allied Health Contract Traveling- the mustachian way?
« on: April 18, 2015, 05:33:00 AM »
Thursday morning, my over controlling petty coworker laid into me for ten minutes about why she thought I sucked. Good news for her; I applied to a job and got the job offer the same day. I'm putting in my resignation. My last day is May 6th, and I'm taking a travel contract job for 13 weeks in Arizona for almost triple the pay.

I'm thrilled because I've always wanted to travel and that coworker in particular was making it difficult to work with her. And already bawled once because I'm leaving a dear husband and boyfriend behind.

Also terrified. The reason I put it off is because it's not a sure thing to get continuous work and I'm not out of debt from my pre MMM days. But I'm taking a page from MMM, believing in what I'm worth and that I have the skills to handle the irregularity in pay if it appears. Whew.

So. My recruiter immediately tells me I can spend a whopping $1300/month on furnished "all inclusive" housing. But I'm bringing my car and I know I can definitely do better than that by hopefully half as much by renting an apartment solo sans the recruiter. I don't need a couch, I have a fold up table and a mattress in my car. Pick up a fold up chair and I've met all my needs for furniture. I'm looking forward to the minimalism.

I guess I'm nervous, as this is my first travel assignment, I don't know exactly how to pack, and I want to put as much of this tax free housing and good allowance money in my pocket to weather the irregularities and pay down the debt.

Also, I chewed on giving notice (the Epic FU thread comes to mind) but decided that even if they want me to leave the same day I resign, I can handle it. Let them spite their own noses if they want to. Although I am trying to get my last performance review and shot records before they find out.

1. when giving notice, should I tell my supervisor why or leave it ambiguous?

2. Packing list for my Toyota Matrix? :)

3. Then, what do I do with my 403B? I got one for the first time last year. Ahh! A lot to do.
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