Author Topic: Jealousy - does it happen to you?  (Read 31760 times)


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Re: Jealousy - does it happen to you?
« Reply #100 on: June 08, 2014, 05:29:22 AM »
All the time I'm envious: Envious of people's nicer cars, nicer clothes, bigger homes, newer computers...

Sometimes I even find myself at the mall or dealerships. But it always passes. My 'stache is growing, I live better than 90-95% of the people on this Earth, and I want for nothing I enjoy.

I love to drive to the car dealership in my ratty old truck, look at the new $30,000+ trucks, tell myself "DAMN, that's a lot of money."  Then say to myself "screw it, the old truck still runs fine, and I really don't care if my broke ass friends and neighbors think I'm broke.  I'd rather be rich than have the trappings of wealth (and the debt that usually comes with it)."

Unless you have a huge income, you can either be rich, or look rich.  You probably can't do both.

I'd rather be rich than look rich and be in debt up to my eyeballs...