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Quicken/Mint question
« on: November 08, 2018, 05:23:46 PM »
I've been using Quicken for years and it's basically the only method that makes me able to keep up with our financial stuff with a level of security we're comfortable with. I don't want to change over to Mint - I don't want my stuff in The Cloud nor do I want it on my phone - but I do think that what I've heard about the budgeting aspect of Mint sounds good, where it tells you your overall budget for, say, auto expenses should be X monthly and if you don't use it all then it rolls over to the next month until you spend it down with a repair or registration renewal or other non-monthly expense.

1) Is my understanding of that correct?
2) Is there a way I can replicate that in Quicken using historical data? I haven't messed with the reports much aside from setting up my monthly check up report, I'd guess there's something in there that might help maybe?

My goal is to try to get a better handle on irregular expenses but I need data first.