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question thread for the ladies
« on: February 27, 2013, 09:27:04 AM »
Ok ladies, lots of good tips around here for the men. Can we start a thread for us ladies? Maybe everyone add some questions and answers? I'll start.

-What's the cheapest razor set up for us?

-Anyone going grey and choosing not to color?

-I recently had my natural hair ruined by orange-brassy highlights, a bad pixie cut, and my grey decided to grow like crazy. I'm in a long awkward grow out phase. Any tips for this process?

Here are my tips: (some of you may not need this stuff but for those that do, here goes)

-I found Sallys do it yourself eye brow waxing did not work for us. I instead had a friend teach me the brush/ scissor trimming method and pluck. I have good quality tweezers and cheap spooly brush and tiny cheap scissors that came in a nail kit. There are youtube videos to teach this method as well.

-I have a friend that is a professional manicurist. I have her order my professional tools. I think she may mark them up a bit but they work SO well that it's well worth the price. The similar products I have bought from Walmart and Sallys are not the quality products that she is able to get me. After owning these tools, no one in my family will need any sort of pedicure anywhere again. The products last forever because they are made to manicure several people per day.

-We are new to the Crea Clip but love it so far. It does complicated cuts better than some hairdressers have given me. I watch the more advanced videos on this though.

-We use more expensive hair products because my girls have various types of hair that are difficult. I'm finding the high end stuff, even the super high end stuff I get from France, last me forever because I only use them occasionally. It seems to actually treat the hair and this allows cheap stuff in between.

-I have intensely researched parfume and have really learned what last the longest. I've learned through testing that the higher end strong parfumes that I used to shun REALLY last.  The parfumes that used to be associated with "rich elderly ladies" have stayed around for a reason LOL. Young people actually do wear them. The last for over a day. The scent you spray on in the store may knock you over but wear it all day and keep testing the smell. It changes and becomes something totally different. Strangely enough I sometimes run across these parfumes at yard sale? Even odder is that they smell like new though the bottles appear older. I have learned that the more popular floral scents literally fade 30 minutes after I spray them on me. At $50-$60 dollars a bottle I need more than 30 minutes worth. I now need to do research for mens cologne.

-I have found that some products dermatologist sell, and claim you can't get from anywhere else, are readily available online without a doctor visit. I deal with adult acne but those companies also make aging products. I have also found that my ideas are working better than my doctors and the RX's that ruined by stomach LOL. That's saying a lot since I have had acne for 30 years.

-Vaseline. My manicurist friend says she sleeps every single night with vaseline on her heels and a sock.

-Vanicream from the pharmacist will cure many ills. I have noticed it's now on the shelf at CVS. No RX required.

-My biggest tip is act like your international friends. They don't run to salons and look beautiful. They seem to know something we don't, do it yourself. I learn so much from families from other countries that it could be a whole huge thread on it's on :)


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Re: question thread for the ladies
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2013, 09:34:34 AM »
-What's the cheapest razor set up for us?

I only shave my legs and arm pits once a week and I only shave the bottom half of my legs. I use two blade razors on my arm pits and a fancier four blade razor on my legs. I only change up razors once every 6 months probably or when it starts to feel like it's not working anymore. That makes razors not all that expensive.

My boyfriend says that most girls shave their legs every day. Why would you shave your legs when there is no hair to shave???

I'm also finding that as I get older, my leg hair doesn't grow back in some spots! So smooth legs with no effort, win!!


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Re: question thread for the ladies
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Re: question thread for the ladies
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Oh no..Can a mod help me merge this thread with that one? Sorry!