Author Topic: question for ynab "classic" users about how to handle HSA accounts  (Read 10231 times)


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I use YNAB4 (what they now call "classic" YNAB)

I have an HSA (health savings account). The HSA account in real life has both a cash fund with a debit card, as well as 4 vanguard investment funds. On my HSA statement, it gives me the total number, as well as a breakdown.

I use the debit card to pay for eligible expenses as they come along. Prescriptions, Dental Appts, etc.
The investment funds money sometimes has to get transferred over to the debit card fund to replenish

So, how to handle this in YNAB?

Currently I have an account called HSA debit and one called HSA vanguard.

Currently I have two accounts on the left, HSA Debit and HSA Vanguard. I separate how much should go in each.

Then on the right, in my budget, I use the same amount thats in the HSA vanguard account in the HSA funds budget.
I split up the amount available in the HSA Debit account into different categories within the Medical main category.
All those numbers add up to the amount in the HSA Debit.

Then, when I spend the money using the debit, I enter the category, like in "prescriptions", 46.53.

That way its all on budget. And I can generate reports and have the data for future reference. But also means a lot of math. rejiggering. I have to move money from the vanguard to the debit sometimes, which triggers a bunch of new calculations.

is there a better way to handle this?

Thanks for any advice.