Author Topic: Pseudo-Aerogarden hacks? Indoor herbs for Canadian brown thumbs (North-facing)  (Read 1538 times)


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Problem:  We love fresh herbs and can't seem to grow them indoors.  We are in Canada and live in a North-facing condo so there is very little natural light.

We grow herbs on the balcony in summer but that doesn't help us from Oct-May.

Not keen on dropping $100-200 on an Aerogarden.

Can anyone please help with a DIY setup?

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I don't know the details of the aerogarden, but my seed starting method might work:

1) Procure a fluorescent light fixture. The under cabinet types work well. Choose one that will fit a "grow light" tube. (I can pick the fixture and light tube up for less than $20 USD at any big box store.)

2) Install two cup hooks on the underside of a shelf or cabinet. I use a scavenged bookshelf, but anywhere that you want to grow works well as long as you can mount the light.

3) Hang the light from the hooks by a chain.

4) Place herb pots (in a drip tray) underneath the light. Use the chain to adjust light height as they grow -- it should only be a couple inches above the plants.

5) Plug the light into a timer. Not required but makes life easier. You want it on about 10 to 12 hours a day.

6) Water, fertilize, and do generally what you do with a container garden.


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Note that the aero gardens go on sale often, especially after Christmas.