Author Topic: Progressive, LCOL towns in Canada near skiing?  (Read 1380 times)


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Progressive, LCOL towns in Canada near skiing?
« on: October 18, 2015, 10:40:07 PM »
Hi all,

I'd like to get your expert suggestions on affordable, progressive, LCOL towns in Canada where I could retire. A good ski hill nearby is mandatory as that's my big passion in life. :)

I'm a Toronto-based new wannabe Mustachian. Recently I've made major changes to my life to reach FIRE within 10-15 years. I'm making around 73K/year pre-tax (which doesn't go far in Toronto). Unfortunately my job isn't in demand outside of Toronto (maybe Montreal), so I can't presently move to a LCOL city.

As a 35 year-old progressive gay male, I find Toronto is a safe and welcoming city for in which I can meet like-minded, interesting, progressive people (and the occasional date). I grew up in a small city in Ontario, was badly discriminated against in my high school years; I'm so beyond living somewhere where people would want me to feel badly about myself because of their insecurities or prejudices.

My dream is to live near a ski mountain, in a progressive small town with a LCOL and pleasant weather (somewhere like Longmont, Portland or outside of Seattle would be amazing). Vancouver or Montreal would be awesome, but they're out of my price range unless I give up on ever owning a plot of land (not even a condo in Vancouver as they're over 300k).

Can any Mustachians recommend any LCOL cities in Canada that I might like? For that matter, is there a way I could move to Longmont/Portland as a Canadian? (My job isn't on the "in demands" list, and Canadians seem to be excluded from green cards. No husband prospects, and I wouldn't want to marry someone for that reason anyway (if ever). I don't intend to make money in the US, but it might be nice to retire there and own property.)


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Re: Progressive, LCOL towns in Canada near skiing?
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2015, 07:45:14 AM »
The only two places that come to mind are Squamish and Pemberton which are on either side of Whistler. Pemberton is much smaller and further away from Vancouver so it will be cheaper. Squamish is close enough to Vancouver that you could socialize there, but not have to pay Vancouver prices for a place to live.

I'm not gay, but I am a visible minority and I'd feel comfortable living in either town based on my experiences to date. I think they are both a combination of redneck and progressive folks. You'd find your peeps and hang with them.