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Problems with a dentist!
« on: July 10, 2015, 04:16:30 PM »
Hi everyone,
I am having problems with a dentist and would like to hear recommendations on how to proceed. Here is some background:
1. I went to see Dr. X for dental work over a period of a couple years.
2. I didn't have great enthusiasm for him at a personal level but his office took my insurance and billed the carriers competently. That put him ahead of many competitors.
3. The doctor put 4 crowns on my teeth between June 2014 and December 2014.
All of the crowns were paid for by insurance.
4. One of the crowns broke and the dentist put a new one in its place without charge.
I changed jobs and lost the dental insurance.
5. I now lack the cash to pay for dental work. (I work part-time, my wife is out of work, we have two children, and only a few thousand dollars in the bank. We have huge debt and are looking to move to cheaper housing soonest.)
6. Another of the crowns broke.
7. Both crowns had covered lower jaw molars.
8. I asked the dentist's office whether they would replace this crown without charge as well.
9. They asked if I ground my teeth and said they would replace it for $850. (That was not the response I was seeking!)
10. They added that I should come in and see the dentist. His assistant said maybe they could put in a sturdier model crown.
11. I emailed them back saying that, before I came in, I would appreciate assurance that a replacement crown would indeed be sturdier and last. I have received no response.
12. I am told that the labs that make crowns give them warranties ranging from 2-5 years.
13. My mouth has another crown from another dentist that is at least 4 years old and doing well. It is an upper jaw molar.
14. I went to see another dentist who showed me a Zirconia model crown that is supposed to be tough. But it didn't seem different than any of the prior crowns that Dr. X had put on.
So there is the background. What should I do? Pay another dentist out of pocket and send him the bill? Presumably suing him to collect? Go to another dentist and eat the loss? What can I do to get a crown that lasts?
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