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Power of Attorney Question
« on: September 26, 2015, 07:41:23 AM »
My father passed away earlier this year. He owned a small property in Greece, where he was born and grew up, that he inherited from his mother when she passed away. We have probated his estate here in the US and are now working on dealing with this small property in Greece.

We are working with a lawyer who is based in the US, but licensed both in the US and Greece. She has told us she needs POA for my mother, myself, and my brother...the heirs to my father's property in Greece. My mother and I live relatively close to each other, but my brother lives in the southern US. The lawyer has told us that she needs us to sign the POA in her presence...not a problem for my Mom and I. She says she will have to fly down to see my brother to have him sign the papers...or I assume he could fly here.

I understand the need for her to have our POA, so she can represent us. But it seems like there should be a way for my brother to fill out the proper paperwork and perhaps sign it in front of a notary?? I know there are different kinds of POA and we're dealing with international law here, but it seems like a waste of time/resources for her to have to fly all the way down to have my brother sign papers. Anyone know if there is another way?