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PopUp Business School Event this week!
« on: March 11, 2018, 07:01:10 PM »
Hello Folks, PopUp Business School USA is hosting a free workshop this week in Tampa, FL entitled “Five ways to Start a Business for Free”. It’s the Mustachian way to start a business! We’re a new non-profit organization that’s bringing the innovative program from the United Kingdom. This is the same program that was offered at MMM’s headquarters last September.

I attended that incredible two-week course and was so amazed at what I learned, despite having 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, that I decided to help them bring the program to the United States. If you live in the Tampa Bay Area and you’re interested in starting your own business or side gig, come see Alan Donegan, the founder, in action this Wednesday, March 14th. If you live too far away, get in touch - we’d love to bring the program to you! Read all about us here: and sign up on the Event page. Follow the link to the U.K. site for more information, great videos and impact reports. I’m happy to reply to any questions or comments.