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Title: Please save my hair before I tear it all out - Mac Mojave Apache setup - SOLVED
Post by: Gagnante on April 14, 2019, 04:59:41 PM

Macbook Pro 2018, OS Mojave.  Files from old Macbook Pro imported via Timemachine so not a clean install.  Apache, PHP & mySQL used to work on old MacBook Pro but do not work on new Macbook Pro.

I know that Mojave overwrote the Apache httpd.conf file, and have gone through the instructions from here ( to update it.

When I go to Terminal and start Apache, it is already running.  If I run a configtest, it comes back Status OK.  If, however, I go to http://localhost I do not get the "It works!" message, instead I get a server not found error.

I have searched and searched for a solution to this problem and I can't find anything specific to the server not found issue.  Can anyone help?

EDIT:  Oh good grief.  It was a stupid browser problem.  It won't load in FF or Safari, but loads just fine in Chrome.  Now to figure out that particular issue!