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« on: November 16, 2017, 07:07:04 PM »
Ok all...I'm embarrassed to say I got a contractor to build a double deck for us for $16,000. I did it because I wanted something new for once...and beautiful...and so that when my husband bbqd he wouldn't get rained on... He said he'd put treated plywood under the deck boards and sealant so that the rain wouldn't go through. He built the bottom deck 1 ft smaller than the plan, and 1 ft or more over from where it should be...and forget about my wonderful doors/bench for the garbage and recycling... It has been a nightmare. Contractor hasn't been to work site for a full work day since the start of the project... and I'm not being demanding...he's started at 1030-11 and worked till 3-4....the work is so sub par I'm pulling my hair out... All of the wonderful things I wanted...none are being full filled. I have given him just over $10000 and now I'm stuck.

I would appreciate any advice on how to deal with this...I'm in Ontario...unless mmm wants to stop by on his way to family this winter lol!!!