Author Topic: PayPal holding onto large negative balance in house  (Read 1084 times)


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PayPal holding onto large negative balance in house
« on: March 25, 2020, 06:53:02 PM »
Have any of you had a PayPal account go negative? I had a business that went bust last August. I had a PayPal business account that went negative in July from client refunds.

Itís negative $43,800.

Whatís odd is that except for one phone call in October they havenít contacted me at all. Iíve been calling them more than theyíve been calling me.

The account is closed/charged off, but every time I call and ask for the contact info of the collections agency they sent it to Iím told they are still holding it with their in house collections.

I want to set up a payment plan thatís 24 to 36 months long, but because they are not a bank they donít offer payment plans.

Itís just a regular PayPal account that went negative, so thereís no interest rate.

They also canít tell me when it will be sent to collections.

What should I do? My personal account went and stayed negative a few years back by accident and they very, very quickly sent it to collections and called like crazy.

Iím just kind of baffled figuring out what theyíre next move could be