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Keeping Costs Down While Travelling
« on: February 08, 2015, 10:45:35 PM »
I am headed to Maui in 3 weeks time. I'll be celebrating my 60th birthday and only plan to go there once, so I haven't worried much about costs. As I get closer to the trip, though, I have been thinking that previous trips to Kauai have not been expensive once I arrived. So I have been also thinking about why that was, and wondering about what mustachians do to have amazing travel experiences while keeping costs down.

For me:

I rent a small house, which gives me a garden and a kitchen and an outdoor shower and guidebooks and quite a bit of gear, and no single supplement. The house I am renting this time has a computer, which means I can use Netflix as well.
I go to farmer's markets, buy lots of produce, and get suggestions for cooking local food and buy flowers for the house.
I spend days hiking, walking, snorkelling, swimming, looking at tidal pools, sitting in swimming holes, sitting on docks, sitting on the lanai, browsing in galleries, looking at flora and fauna on the shore and in the woods.
I have breakfast at home, and most suppers, throwing something on the barbecue. At lunch, I often pack something up, but if I am going to eat out, this is when I will do it. Oceanfront restaurants are worth their price when it is light out, and not when it is dark! And lunch prices are lower than dinner prices. Usually once on a two-week trip, I will go to a fancier restaurant for dinner. Sometimes, I order a dinner for take-out from a fancier restaurant. This seems to last two meals, which makes it more reasonable.
I set aside a certain numbers of days as no-spend or low-spend days.
I love exploring. Gas is expensive, but the distances are very small compared to where I live.
I talk to people, especially local people, and find out about their lives.

So, what am I missing for a mustachian great travel experience?


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Re: Keeping Costs Down While Travelling
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2015, 10:56:48 PM »
Look for coupons and other deals ahead of time.    Look for deals that you can use your credit card points on.    See if you know anyone in the area, you can catch up with an old friend and probably get a ride.

Many cities have bike sharing programs that are very reasonable.    Have a picnic on the beach, sneak in a few bottles of beer.    Go fishing.   Snorkeling is free