Author Topic: Old employees filing workers' comp against business/owners after sale  (Read 774 times)


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Hey all,

Just wondering if anyone has dealt with this kind of thing happening to them where an old employee(s) start filing workers comp against a business/business owners *after* they have sold the business. And if so, was 'handling' them through insurance a pretty straightforward thing or did it become a drawn out and complicated process? A couple employees immediately jumped on it soon after the restaurant was sold - one was a chef who claimed injuries while working there. Another was a waitress who fell while working in the last couple months before it was sold. Both these cases have been dragging and lingering for the past year but nothing super stressful as the insurance company has mostly been handling it (I just don't know why it has been taking so long to settle). Now, a former waiter (he was employed while my in-laws were still owners and throughout the transition but was fired/let-go after all that under the new ownership) just filed a claim saying he got sick when working there (this one is BS for sure as we know the guy and know he's just out for the money). My in-laws were insured all the way up to the sale of the restaurant so hopefully they'll be covered. I think with all these employees they are likely not telling the truth about their injuries 100%. Although the waitress claims she had to go to the doctor to get treated for head injuries (not sure if she has that visit recorded or what)
It's just unsettling that all these former employees of them are coming out of the wood works and after them. These are employees that my in-laws kept around for 20-30 years but that was loyalty misappropriated - they were lazy and they suspected the waitress of stealing from them. I never got a good feeling from any of them. Thing is, my in-laws are way too nice and would let their employees and others walk all over them. This is why we were relieved when they sold the place (which is crashing and burning under the new ownership btw). Though, we thought everything with their restaurant would have been done by now but nope... In any case, just trying to be on the lookout for what could come of this as well as anything else that might pop-up for them.
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