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Title: NYC 13-15 Jan 2015!!!!
Post by: EDSMedS on January 12, 2015, 04:18:34 PM

I am visiting NYC from 13-15 January 2015!  I'm taking a bolt bus from DC ($33 round trip), staying in an AirBnB ($80 for two nights), and looking for some free things to do.  I'll be meandering around central park quite a bit, reading and writing at some coffee shops, hitting the high line, and catching a show at the Comedy Cellar.

Any other ideas?  Anyone want to walk and chat?

Title: Re: NYC 13-15 Jan 2015!!!!
Post by: MsPeacock on January 12, 2015, 05:52:23 PM
The 9/11 memorial is free. The museum is not, but worth the expense IMO ( tickets are purchased online in advance) . Near the memorial is an old church (sorry I can t recall the name) which is interesting to see. You can walk across the Brooklyn bridge. Bundle up! New York is a great city for just walking around and seeing the sights. The seaport is near the financial district/lower Manhattan as well.   Near the high line you can check out Chelsea Market which is full of places to eat. The taco place (again, can't recall the name but it is the only taco place in there) is cheap and fantastic. Chinatown (approx Mott street south of Canal) is interesting for wandering and poking around. The south port ferry is free and gives you a short ride on the water and a chance to spot the Statue of Liberty while you cross.

Have a great trip.
Title: Re: NYC 13-15 Jan 2015!!!!
Post by: EDSMedS on January 13, 2015, 07:11:59 AM
Thanks, MrsPeacock! I'll let you know if I figure out the taco place's name :D
Title: Re: NYC 13-15 Jan 2015!!!!
Post by: EDSMedS on January 13, 2015, 09:52:40 PM
730-1130: bus to NYC. Super comfortable with only 15 people! Read and listened to books.
1130-1200: ate one $1 pizza slice and one $5 pizza slice. Conclusion: they are both pizza.
1200-1400: wander north through commercialized vomit (Times square) into central park. I particularly enjoyed the rambles.
1400-1430: enter metropolitan museum of modern art, realize it is$25 (which I later learn is the "suggested donation) and leave, sit outside, observe, commune with pigeons.
1430-1500: walk south on5th until I accidentally stumble into the NY public library!!!!
 1500-1700: walk through WWI propaganda exhibit (neat!) and read.
1700-1800: meander to AirBnB host location.
 1800-1815: awkward chat with host.
1815-2330: go with host to subway, walk across Brooklyn bridge, eat at shake shack, walk back across Brooklyn bridge, walk south to Staten island ferry, ride both ways to see statue of liberty illuminated in the distance, subway back, ablutions!

Books read: 30ish pages Jonathan Franzen speeches/ essays; 60ish pages on speed, time, and perception in the digital age - Pressed For Time; 30ish pages of my favorite comedy - The Trial by Franz Kafka.
 Book heard: Walden.

I also made reservations for1130pm Comedy Cellar show tomorrow night!!!