Author Topic: New to ebike, looking for recommendations  (Read 754 times)


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New to ebike, looking for recommendations
« on: January 10, 2021, 07:17:50 AM »
Hi All,
I did a lot of camping and mountain biking in college and then took about 20 years off.  I am now at FI but continuing to work to help the kiddos through college and get to FatFI.  So, to try something new, I am now the happy owner of a new camper and was considering getting a couple moped/scooters for getting around.  I envision this being from the campground to beach, exploring campground, out for ice cream.  Then I started thinking about the bike option and, while I like a workout,  I don’t think I would enjoy the work of biking all the time.  So, now I am considering a couple ebikes to have on trips.

The goal is to camp about 50 nights this year and next year explore the national parks out west.  May only keep the setup for a 3-5 years.  I am not looking to build nor do a lot of work for this.

So, two bikes to split between the following combinations of occasional riding.  Most likely would be me and my daughter (hopefully everyone is done growing).

Me- 5’7” about 150 pounds
Boyfriend- 5’10” about 210
Son- 6’ 150 pounds,
Daughter- 5’2” about 90 pounds

Thanks for any advice!


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Re: New to ebike, looking for recommendations
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2021, 01:02:36 PM »
There are bike shops in Massachuusetts that sell Electric bikes, I think in the south shore, and one on the cape.
I would research a little beforre buying. If you go to the shops  you can test ride and have sonmeone to help wth the inevitable repairs.

If you wan t to build it yourself ( not hard ) I reccomend  EBIKES.CA or grin tech they  have a build it yourself kits and the hum motors go well with a mountain bike for the camping trips.  Then after research you can post again and ask more questions. I think Ebikes are great when camping going a little off road or to the near by ice cream shop.