Author Topic: New Car...Walk me off the ledge!  (Read 4076 times)


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Re: New Car...Walk me off the ledge!
« Reply #50 on: July 29, 2020, 12:40:19 PM »
I am an outlier in that I don't mind the idea of brand new BIFL vehicles*, as long as they're practical choices. However, here is my well proven tactic for use when the new-car blues hit. Calculate the sales tax and new car registration fees. Ooh, that's lotsa money! You could probably do some really cool stuff with that wad of dough. Not cured yet? Call your insurance agent and get a quote on that brand-new vehicle. Add that amount, less your current insurance premium, to the first number. Boom, you're cured. Works like magic. You're welcome.

*Honestly, it really does work. While I've had new vehicles as company cars, I just realized I never have purchased a brand-new car with my own money. I sure have salivated over a few over the years, but this technique really works.

Another idea too: have your existing vehicle properly detailed. You can take that as far as you want.

Get the wash/wax/carpet shampoo or the Lamborghini detail job applied to your Toyota. Maybe that will satiate your itch for something nicer.
Lol, I do that, too. Best story on those lines is that I was selling a used car to a guy who owned a detailing shop. In final negotiations, I got him to throw in two full details. I used one right away, then misplaced the certificate. When I finally found it, he had sold the shop. At least I used one of them.

More recently, since I have CV time on my hands, I did a complete detail on my own car. Then DH put on new brakes and tires. It does feel like a brand-new car, yippee!

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Re: New Car...Walk me off the ledge!
« Reply #51 on: July 29, 2020, 12:57:19 PM »
Congrats on the new Subbie! My friends like their Subbies.

Dicey - great story! Every time I detail the family car (wash, interior, maybe an oil change if it is due) I feel like I'm driving a new car.

I've had cars as cheap as free and $150. I've owned cars that the previous owners trashed and gave up on - that in fact just needed cleaning and a sub-$50 repair.

Anything modern and clean feels like a new car by comparison.

Great conversation. Good strategies to consider here.