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Need help with career/job
« on: April 16, 2015, 09:20:03 PM »
Right now my job is at a large national bank working in a branch in new accounts. I've worked for my bank since I graduated from school in 2010 and have been in my current position for about 2.5 years. I make a base salary of $38,934 with additional commissions of about $12,000 so we'll say about $50,000 all together.

My job has the usual perks of working at a large corporation such as health and 401K. The hours are basically 9-6 daily and 2 Saturdays a month. I've been given regular 3% raises annually with 2 larger 10% increases that came with change in position and time in position so although the gross amount is not that significant the magnitude is high considering corporate America pay structure. I am grateful for this. 

My problem is that the job is essentially a sales position. I'm decent at it and perform well but not exceptionally (this is also dependent significantly in the area you are based in). I work in a largely middle class neighborhood. There is definitely something enticing about achieving goals in a sales environment that is fulfilling and that I like. I also like how I am able to use what I practice in my own life about financial literacy at work, so there is a bit of doing what you "love" aspect. However at the end of the day I just am not comfortable seeing myself in a position where truly a college degree is not necessary and where I feel the point of what I aim to do is often just about achieving the next sales goal than anything really meaningful. This doesn't mean I am looking to become a doctor or volunteer for Peace Corp but I'd like to think that what I do is more rewarding and not as petty and stifled with the ever growing importance of customer service and needing to put on a facade for that.

My current job has the potential to lead into a position as a branch manger but that's simply going deeper into sales and potentially decreasing job security as you are scrutinized even more closely and have the unenviable task of pressuring your staff in the same way I resent being nagged on. The other two easy "evolutions" of my position are the financial advisor which I do not want to do because I don't even personally believe in using one and the home loan officer which is a never ending hustle.   

The truth is I think I've become much to comfortable in my position and need to be shocked into doing something else so to speak. That's sometimes why I think it helps to do the "wrong thing" in life. Let's imagine I had a kid at an unexpected time I would perhaps work harder to do better for myself. Maybe even if I had poor spending habits I'd be motivated to find a position that pays more. Anyway....

I graduated from a decent state school in International Relations (very similar to political science) and History. Politics and history are two other fields that I also really enjoy learning about so that what I ended up going to school for. I had thought I might start my career as a government intelligence analyst and I even applied to work at the CIA. I realized quickly I must be way out of my league because of what they were looking for as far as higher graduate level education. I think I should have majored in Economics or Finance but while in college I think I was to intimidated by the field to pursue it.   

I feel I have an aptitude for numbers and analysis but I'm not sure what I should consider with my background. I am currently 27 and live in the Los Angeles area with no real commitments to anything so I can move as far as Antartica for the right opportunity. In the last few years I have reluctantly tried to study for business school as I thought that might help my career goals but I'm not so sure anymore. I also feel I'm getting a bit older now so I don't have to many more chances to mess around.       

I do want to find a position that pays more but more importantly has a path to grow. I have looked at some other positions within the organization but mainly I'd like to know if anyone on here has any thoughts.
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Re: Need help with carerr/job
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2015, 10:27:00 PM »
I also feel I'm getting a bit older now so I don't have to many more chances to mess around.

I quit my job (I had ~5 years in law enforcement) and moved cross country at 27yo (NH to AZ).  Changed careers (security - couldn't find any PDs hiring), changed careers again (IT), started at the bottom (again), and now make more than I would have if I had stayed at old PD the entire time. Don't be afraid to try something new. You might be surprised.


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Re: Need help with career/job
« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2015, 11:02:08 PM »
With sales experience, you could apply for account manager or some marketing job. Get a year or two of experience, then make your way to an analyst position. Or maybe study for CFA. Accounting is numbers, but just bean counting. I don't recommend if you're into analysis.


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Re: Need help with career/job
« Reply #3 on: April 17, 2015, 08:21:41 PM »
I went to grad school for accounting. I started out as an auditor and now I do audit consulting for the federal government. Basically getting the military to the point where it is auditable. Aka herding cats. I get a lot of calls from recruiters about financial management. That's basically analyzing your company/ the market and making suggestions. There are lots of options with accounting, like forensic accounting with the CIA/FBI if you are still interested in that. But starting with external audit with a cpa firm first is better.