Author Topic: My life blew up. Still sitting in the rubble trying to figure this sh*t out.  (Read 20496 times)


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No two counselors are alike, I echo the sentiments to find one that is a good fit for you. The most important thing is for you to get your head back on straight over time.

All of your stuff isn't your friend or your ally or even a comfort. It's a drag on your well-being and I would venture keeps you anchored in a place you would rather leave (this was certainly true for my mother, who moved out of her home of 35 years recently). Less is more, and the best place to start is by not bringing home anything else new and start purging, one baby step at a time. I think you will find it cathartic.

You have hinted about moving and my gut says move. Your life has started a new chapter you did not script out, but this part you can control. The family drama though just sounds like too much drama. Stay independent if you can.

I'm not big on the roommate idea just yet, your life is a bit too up in the air for that. If you can eke by, focus on the steps above and when you are ready to make a big decision you will be both physically and mentally prepared to do so. 


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I am so sorry for the loss of your husband.  There are a lot of great suggestions already on the thread.  There is another forum that you might want to look at (only when and if you want to)   Hope this might help!