Author Topic: Has anyone tried email or skype therapy /business coaching / counselling?  (Read 1267 times)


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Has anyone tried online therapy?
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I have an in person therapist for more personal growth long term issues.

I had a professional coach I worked with to pass my licensing exam.  We had a weekly phone call and unlimited emails through the week.  I had 2 major personal issues that came up during this time that could have seriously derailed my efforts.  We ended up having one or two midweek calls to handle those challenges.

I had failed it twice and was on my third strike.  The coaches help was definitely integral part in my passing the 3rd time.

My personal therapist is a credentialed professional coach as well.  I would highly recommend her if you want her website and contact information PM me.  If she did not work she may know a good fit.  Try the International Coaching Federation  Their credentialing requirements are quite extensive. I think this is an area where you get what you pay for.