Author Topic: How would you rock an AirBNB rental for a festival while you're out of town?  (Read 1686 times)


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My condo is in a neighborhood that borders a trendy section of town in Austin, Texas. Downtown is a 5-10 minute bike ride away. Bus access is easy.

It's a one-bedroom, 482 square foot unit, and I'd like to rent it out and get the hell out of town for South By South West, the yearly festival that brings in hordes of tourists and brings the city to a standstill. I've been told that this can be pretty lucrative.

Since I won't be in town, how should I approach maximizing earnings (considering that I won't be able to clean between guests)?

Should I only take someone who want to stay all or most of the 9+ days? Should I assume I'll have multiple guests and try to hire someone to clean between guests? Also, since this is something of a party festival, have you ever had your place trashed by guests?

Any experienced advice welcome.



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I'll be interested in the above you get. I posted about a similar situation with the Superbowl in Minneapolis and was discouraged from doing it as readers shared issues that would come up even for a temporary Airbnb. Suffice it to say we have no plans to rent our space out.

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I don't have any empirical knowledge, but...
Are you sure your condo allows you to rent out your place?
I'd rent it for a weekend well before the festival, at least once, staying in a local motel; to work the kinks out of renting your home.
I'd also rent it for a minimum of 5 days, and not deal with the complications of multiple renters, at least the first year.
I'd also rent a storage unit somewhere away from the condo for my personal items and valuables.


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AirBnB guests will tolerate staying in your condo with all your stuff if you make it clear in the listing that you live there and you are renting it while out of town. The place should still be spotless and valuables should be taken with you.

I wouldn't try to hire cleaners for the first time since you're new to hosting. You can set AirBnB to only accept long days of whichever length you specify.

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