Author Topic: Mustachians in France: how much do you pay for health insurance? childbirth $$?  (Read 1546 times)


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We're mulling doing a mini-retirement (or taking the plunge and FIRE-ing) in France, where my husband has citizenship (and I'm in the process of applying -- which should come through by the time we would move there).  I've been reading up on how the state-funded health insurance system works and think we would qualify for applying for coverage under that once we've lived in France for three months, but am not sure what our monthly contribution/payment amount would be (or even what a ballpark amount would be -- are we talking a few hundred euros a month?  less? more?).  You can assume our income (from passive investments and/or rental income from the U.S.) will exceed $20k, but that we won't be employed by anyone while we're living there. 

I'm also curious what folks pay for supplemental private health insurance, which I understand is fairly common and which would cover the remaining percentage of health care costs not covered by the state (about 30% as far as I can tell).  We're in our 30s and healthy (with one toddler, also healthy) so I don't expect us to have major medical needs, but you never know -- plus we are considering having another kid over there, so I'd really love to hear from anyone who has experienced pregnancy and childbirth in France and could speak to out of pocket costs related to that.  Thanks for any thoughts from folks living in France (or who have lived there recently).


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