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Title: Mustachianism Phase Two
Post by: Pooperman on May 20, 2015, 02:22:48 PM
My fiancee and I are getting married this year. We have been on the Mustachian path to some degree since I found the site last year. We've done a lot, but I know we can do more. I'll list out our expenses now and how that compares to how it used to be (averages for this year so far vs guesstimates/known from pre-mustachian days). Pick apart our current spending and let us know where we can improve! Some things can't really be changed (or won't be changes). I'll note them in passing. We live in NJ (NYC suburbs).

Overall: $3000 (>$4000)
Rent: $961 ($1410) [this is a very nice apartment for very cheap within walking distance of public transportation and 1:15 commute to work via train]
Groceries: $280 (~$500)
Heat: $35 ($0)
Electricity: $40 ($60)
Internet: $50 ($75)
Phones: $60 ($140)
Health: $160 (???)
Clothing $15 (???)
Car Insurance: $80 ($140)
Fuel: $75 ($150)
Maintenance: $450 (???) [this was a one off event costing ~$2k, likely is closer to $100]
Public Transportation: $325 ($200) [about $250 of this is commuting expense and can't be changed]
Gifts: $90 (???)
Household: $170 (???)
Entertainment: $120 (>$300) [we each get $100/month to do whatever we want, this is not negotiable]
Eating out: $100 (>$400) [we get $100/month to do something together, also not negotiable]
Other: $415 (???) [mostly wedding stuff]

Post Tax/Deduction Income: $4300 ($4000)