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Re: Moving south?
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[quote author=dougules link=topic=69904.msg1491392#msg1491392
Around here "Up North" can be either the Northeast or the Midwest.  I think a lot of Southerners don't know the differences between the Midwest and Northeast or even exactly where "The Midwest" refers to.   Since I've gotten out a little more I've realized that the Midwest is probably slightly closer to the South culturally than to the Northeast, but when I was younger I had no idea there was any difference between Connecticut and Wisconsin.

I didn't know the difference really between the Midwest and the Northeast, as a kid/growing up. Likely the same for most people using this terminology.

Nonetheless, I still use "up north" to refer to the northeast, and  have since added 'mid west' to my vocabulary... I just better understand the differences between what I'm saying now.

Agreed on the cultural comment too