Author Topic: How Fear is Impacting our Grocery Budget  (Read 13995 times)


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Re: How Fear is Impacting our Grocery Budget
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....My initial reactions are that you yourself are LDS and met your wife on your mission (bilingual, 2 years...) If that is the case, you'll recall our childhoods and the urgency that has come from Slc concerning impending doom and end-of-days talk for over 150 years. While I don't buy apocalyptic talk anymore (I don't buy anything they say anymore)....
More great suggestions here, thank you!

Very interesting guess about being LDS.  I did meet my wife on a mission, but I'm not LDS, current or former.  Have some LDS-type food from an LDS seller, as recommended by a former co-worker who was LDS.  At the time of the purchase, there was something really appealing about a 5-pound can of rice that (supposedly) lasts 30 years if unopened.  I was raised by doomsday-enthusiasts, who took every opportunity to tell me that they had seen yet another Sign of the End Times.  Watching the news with them was the worst! Their comments would be like this, every day: Mudslide in California?  Apocalypse.  Tsunami in Thailand? End Times.   Any given Supreme Court decision? Sodom and Gamorrah.    Earthquake?  Gabriel is licking his lips. Bird flu? The Four Horsemen.  Tornado?  Prepare Thyself.

I agree that we need to be mentally and spiritually ready for the end of our lives and the potential End of All Days at all times, but dwelling on it, and practically salivating in eager anticipation of it, does not make for a life of hope or optimism.