Author Topic: Melbourne Cycling for an American Expat  (Read 1657 times)

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Melbourne Cycling for an American Expat
« on: October 27, 2014, 02:19:19 PM »
I thought this a good forum to post this question since I know there are lots of cyclists, and more recently lots of Australians.

I just moved from Chicago to Melbourne Australia with my wife and two dogs.  I'm getting settled in a love it here so far, but I'm unsure how to get into cycling here.  In Chicago I did a fair amount of cycling, either indoors on a Computrainer or outdoors by myself or with a friend or two.  Never an organized group ride.

I'd like to purchase a bike in the next couple of days (found the one I want at a local shop), and would like to start cycling outdoors.  My issue is that I'm not sure where to start!  I'm a bit intimidated by the busy roads here, cars on the left side of the road, and different cycling rules/culture.  What's a good way to find a small 'beginner group' that wouldn't mind showing me how things are done here?  I'm 30yr old and have good cycling fitness, but more worried about the rules.

I live in Prahran, VIC and don't own a car, so joining a group far from here is difficult.  If I were good friends w/ someone at the local bike shop I'd definitely ask one of them to show me around.

Anyways, any suggestions would be highly appreciated!

Ryan R.


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Re: Melbourne Cycling for an American Expat
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2014, 06:14:53 AM »
As far as rules go, I'd have to say the best resource would be VicRoads, they do have a section dedicated to cycling IIRC (including road rules). I believe the site has a list of the bike trails as well.

EDIT: Cycling rules here, route maps here, or here for more info :)

Bicycle Network might be of assistance too, especially with group rides.

There's also Ride the City for maps and directions (although Google Maps also has cycling directions).

There's a quite nice bike trail (although I suspect busy) along the bay. I must admit I don't know of many groups though, I've only really ridden solo. MMM group perhaps?

I've seen a fair few bikes lately with the improving weather (although you'd hardly call Monday's weather 'improving') :)
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Re: Melbourne Cycling for an American Expat
« Reply #2 on: October 28, 2014, 06:48:00 AM »
Try I know there is a climbing group for Melbourne that is quite active, and there may well be one for cycling. Definitely ask at the bike shop, esp if you are buying a bike from them - they may have a noticeboard with details of community rides? I love Melbourne - jealous that you get to live there, esp in the summer!