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Re: Low Stress Careers
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After consulting don't most go into industry and be an in-house consultant, or manager of consultants? I would think that would be an option and then you just have to play internal politics with people you know, rather than have the sales component too. Depending on your skillset, maybe take on being a CFO of a non-profit?  Usually those jobs aren't as donor development focused. With the run-up in funding maybe work for a defense contractor in logistics? If you do find a high paying, truly low stress job let us all know! :)


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Re: Low Stress Careers
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Part-time, independent contracts. 

Find yourself a body shop that puts people in fed positions maybe?  You just have to do your thing, at a reasonable bill rate, with a reasonable lifestyle.  If the body shop finds the work, you don't have to.  If you're close to FIRE, you can tolerate bench time between contracts.


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