Author Topic: Looking for Cheap Rental Situation in Denver Area  (Read 1800 times)


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Looking for Cheap Rental Situation in Denver Area
« on: July 31, 2014, 12:51:40 PM »

I am an owner of a tech company here in the Denver area.  I am 39 and single and I have lived too anti-mustachian for years.  I have been living in Golden at about $900 a month and I really only sleep in my place as I am at the office most of the time.  It got me thinking, why am I paying so much for a place to crash when I could use savings for more experiences or savings.  With that in mind, I thought I would propose an offer - if you have better ideas please let me know...  I know there are single bedroom places for $600 - but I thought maybe there is a mustachian way to think I have not yet considered...

If there is someone with a part of their house they wanted to rent, or even better, a Mother In Law house, I would think that is perfect.  I get a lot of times people have these sorts of places for guests, but guests often are not in town.  So, what I was thinking is I could rent this and when guests are coming into town I could make myself scarce - go on a trip somewhere.  If there is an In-Law coming for a month, I could go on a trip to South America while they are there so you can still have the benefit of the space when it is needed and some extra cash when I am not there. 

Building a business, I have made it so that I have too much debt and not enough equity.  I would like to find something as cheap as possible so that I can use the savings in rent to pay down debt that I accrued while I started this company.  If the right situation arose, I could pay a year in advance so that you know you would get your rent and not have to deal with collections. 

I am not a womanizing dude, I go to church and try and work hard on my company, so there should be no concerns about loud parties or random hookups happening all the time.  Like I said, I am just trying to get this part of my life straightened out, and if I don't need to be in Denver all the time - why not try and find a living situation that maximizes my cash so I can have more fun travel experiences or savings.  I am just tired of being more or less month to month.

Ideal places to live for me are Golden, Wash Park, Cap Hill, or Longmont.  I am open to anywhere on the front range if the situation is right and we get along.  Maybe you can make some money on a part of your home that isn't used and I could save money since I don't really care about where I live.

I don't have the perfect plan here, as my anti-mustachian habits demonstrate - so I am looking to amend my ways and try and make up for lost time and savings that I have blown.