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Title: Leaving job I despise for career I enjoy?
Post by: Gilead1986 on February 03, 2015, 10:08:45 AM
Currently I work in a restaurant.  I love the flexibiliy and the hours are decent.  Lately (probably due to the min. wage increase in MD) I have been receiving less hours and a heavier workload.  I've worked this job for 11 years, I probably averaged $13-$17/hour and get around 30 hours per week.  Now I'm getting less pay ($11-$15 per hour) and barely hit 25 hours.  This is ordinarily our slow season, but the scuttlebutt is that the new company that bought our chain is cleaning house and hiring cheaper labor.  I have tried my hardest to make myself indispensable, but I'm not growing at this job anymore and it's time to go. 

In anticipation of this I have been saving (I have about 20k saved up, in my 401k, Roth IRA, and a large E.F. that I've been using to by a newer Mustachian car.  I'm 27.  I have received an offer from a landscaping company to come on making 13.50/hour, 40-45 hours/week, overtime is offered, but it does not offer benefits and is seasonal (March-December). 

Is it stupid to take this job?  I enjoy landscaping and always planned to make a career or at least a stable sidegig out of it, the jobsite is roughly the same distance from my house as my current job.  The physical requirements are probably the same as my current job (except for the elements).  I just don't know whether or not I'm leaving my current job out of spite or if this will be a positive move. 
Title: Re: Leaving job I despise for career I enjoy?
Post by: c-kat on February 03, 2015, 10:15:11 AM
You mentioned the landscaping job would have no benefits. Does your current job have benefits?

Is there a way schedule wise that you can work both jobs for a while? That way you could test the new job out and see what you think? Since the restaurant has been cutting your hours anyway they might be open to you working only two shifts a week, and you wouldn't have to tell them why. You'd also be able to save even more while working both.
Title: Re: Leaving job I despise for career I enjoy?
Post by: Gilead1986 on February 03, 2015, 10:26:44 AM
They do offer benefits, but since my hours have been reduced I will probably get kicked off of my health insurance (30 hour/week minimum qualification).  I can take off up to 3 months at a time from my current job, as long as I clock in once every 90 days; so that may be an option if my manager okays it.  I'm well liked there by my managers, it's just that corporate policies are changing.