Author Topic: Lasik Doctor in CO?  (Read 2290 times)


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Lasik Doctor in CO?
« on: July 31, 2014, 07:35:43 PM »
I've read the other threads around here about Lasik, and I am still on the fence about whether it's worth spending the money to get done. If I do decide to spend the money, my other concern is actually finding a good place to go, someone who isn't going to do any stupid pricing tricks, upsell me after I sign up, or botch the surgery.

Does anyone in Colorado have any recommendations for Northern Colorado/Boulder/Denver area Lasik practitioners that are worth consulting with?


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Re: Lasik Doctor in CO?
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2014, 08:14:17 PM »
To broaden this question: how would you all approach researching this?

Yelp reviews doesn't seem the way to go here...

I'm planning on getting LASIK, and just going to go with whomever my eye doctor recommends (though she says he's expensive, but good).  But how would you research that for a particular person/area?
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Re: Lasik Doctor in CO?
« Reply #2 on: August 24, 2014, 11:25:06 AM »
LASIK is so common now I can't imagine it is worth it to go to an "expensive but good" doctor.  Most doctors who have a LOT of experience (10,000+ surgeries performed) are not expensive, because they deal with a lot of volume.  So you should be able to find someone who is very experienced and competitively priced.  I would also look into what technology they use.  I had mine done 10 years ago, and "blade free" LASIK was pretty new at the time.  I'm sure the technology is even more advanced today.  The place was super busy and felt a bit cattle-call like, but I was not there to make friends, I was there to get my eyes fixed by someone who had a ton of experience and was priced better than most other doctors to boot.  Best decision I ever made.

I think I spent $3500 or so on mine.  I would spend it again without a hesitation, best elective expense I have ever made.  10 years without an eye doctor visit and my vision is still better than most people with their glasses.  I'm sure there are horror stories out there but me going from being 20/240 (or something like that) to reading the 20/20 line the next morning (and the 20/15 line 3 months later) .

The same doctor today looks like they are closer to $1000 per eye today.  Just keeps getting cheaper and cheaper.