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First Post, Help with my plan
« on: October 23, 2014, 12:06:49 PM »
Hello all, this is my first post and I wasn't exactly sure which forum to place this post, I hope this is ok.  HOnestly, I really need to be involved in another forum like I need a hole in my head, but this one seems especially useful.

I could use some advice on planning my summer of 15 vacation.  Yes, I know that is a long way from now, but I love having things to look forward to.  We are a family of three.  Two teachers and a 5.5 year old boy.  We spend the entire summer camping away from our Texas home.  We have a travel trailer that we own (paid cash for) but are both willing to not use it this summer now that the boy has done his fair share of sleeping under the stars. 

Here is our brief plan.  We will most likely drive with the travel trailer up to Leadville and spend a week there.  I have a friend who will let me leave the trailer with him in Leadville after we are done with it.  Our plan is to push on to Idaho and Washington/Oregon and spend the next 6ish weeks camping.  We found out about fire lookouts in Idaho that can be camped in for a reasonable fee ($35 a night) and we are both on board for spending a couple nights in ONE lookout.  We are totally ok with roughing it but also like the idea of staying in hostels or KOA Kabins when needing to do laundry/shower/take a break. 

We are a frugal famly, but this site has made us more so, so thank you!  We only have a mortgage debt which should be paid off in 5 years.  So we are ok with such long "extravagent" trips.

I'm looking for advice and open to a lot of things.
1.  Where are some places that are a "must do" or "must see" in Washington/Idaho/Oregon. 
2.  Are there any other places out there besides hostels and KOA Kabins that could give us a respite and let us clean ourselves and our clothes?
3.  Any good books to recommend on best campgrounds and backpacking trails?  We plan on doing a few multi day backpacking trips (3 days max).

We all love hiking, fishing, and mountian biking. 

Thank you for your help!