Author Topic: Job advice- seasonal tax return preparer/reviewer  (Read 1365 times)

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Job advice- seasonal tax return preparer/reviewer
« on: November 04, 2017, 01:01:18 PM »

Any tax accountants here, that could chime in? How much would you pay per hour for a 25-35 hour a week tax season only (and extensions if needed) experienced tax return reviewer or complex tax return preparer with an EA license? One situation would be as an independent contractor working remote (I already have a home office setup and ready to use), the other would be as a remote employee.

I recently left my job of 9 years a supervisor at a CPA firm, to take a 32 hour a week remote job in the private sector. With my new found free time, I was considering looking for a part time seasonal tax return preparation/review position with another CPA firm. There are a few people who have reached out to me about this, and I think the talks are going to be getting towards $$$ soon, and I just have no idea where to even begin.

A few details that may be helpful. I live in a LCOL local. My "pay rate" at my last job was about $28 per hour (until you looked at the actual hours I worked, and it was about $19 per hour). My time was billed at $130 per hour. I managed a 300 client, $250,000 book of business at my previous firm.  I work independently, with little or no supervision required. My previous company also provided benefits, paid for my CPE, and provided an office.  In both of these new positions, I would not need any benefits, and would take care of CPE and equipment myself. My plan would be to begin end of Jan/early Feb, and work all I can until April 15th. Then I would be available if they needed a few weeks again around pass through or individual extension time in Sept/Oct. There would be no commitment to providing me with any work over the summer unless they had a reason to need help for another deadline.

My salary at the year round job, is enough to cover my living expenses and IRA contribution. This seasonal work would all go to savings/Solo 401k/vacations.  So, what do you all think? If you are in a tax accounting practice, how much would you pay for someone in this arrangement?