Author Topic: IT certificate or computer science B.S.?  (Read 16218 times)


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Re: IT certificate or computer science B.S.?
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The caveat: unix seems to be a "big city thing".  I notice you're DFW ... that's where I did most of my unix work.  When I moved to the sticks, jobs were seriously hard to find.  They existed... but very few per square mile.  And the salaries were waaay lower.

I've had similar experiences, but I would say that the majority of tech wages are lower outside of population centers.  I started out in AZ (not Phoenix) and in that location there are far more jack of all trades SOHO tech type of people, which was basically what I was until I moved to TX.  I've been in large cities for the majority of my career because I found more positions and better pay as well as finding areas with low cost of living.

Also, another hard fact of the matter for my pay increases is interpersonal relationships.  If you can find the areas that please your boss and your boss's boss you will do well.  Make your boss look good and they are ready to share the cash and prizes.  I suspect that's pretty universal though.
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