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Title: Is it weird for current boss to ask what I got from new boss?
Post by: Jtrey17 on October 29, 2016, 07:14:00 AM
Hello! Earlier in the week I was offered a new position at megacorp. The job title is the same and the responsibilities are too. I'm moving to a department that is much smaller and hopefully, less filled with stupid petty drama. I was surprised to receive an 8% raise (speaks to how under paid I was). My question for all of you is-my current boss is very eager to hear what I was offered. Is this a common question from a current boss? And should I share this info? Thank you all!
Title: Re: Is it weird for current boss to ask what I got from new boss?
Post by: renata ricotta on October 29, 2016, 08:31:04 AM
It makes perfect sense to me. If I were a manager losing a good employee, I would be happy for them but also want to find out whether the reason I was losing them was because I am not competitive with the market for that role (since you were offered more for the same role and responsibilities). She might be wondering whether the salary she is offering is lagging behind, and if she needs to adjust in order to recruit and retain your replacement. If your impression of her is that she's a competent manager who wants the best for employees, I'd tell her. If your impression of your manager is that she is just being nosy, then you have no need to tell her.

Philosophically, I also believe there should be a lot more discussion within companies about pay structures. Transparency about pay is one of the best ways to fight wage gaps and other pay discrimination. Secrecy only benefits the company, not the employees.
Title: Re: Is it weird for current boss to ask what I got from new boss?
Post by: Frankies Girl on October 29, 2016, 10:52:29 AM
Yes, it's weird in my experience. I've never had a boss ask what I was offered. I've had a few ask if they could counteroffer, but that would be the only reason I'd had for them showing any interest in the amount/benefits/perks on the new job. Did you ask if they are planning a counter? If so, you might want to tell them nicely that it wouldn't be of interest to you if that is the case (it's generally a very bad idea to ever take a counter - you burn the bridge at the other company, and the current company will always be considering you a flight risk/unloyal and may pass you over for things or put you first in line to go in the future).

In your case, I would probably tell in general terms (like I'm getting an almost 10% raise, XYZ perks and benefits) but only if I was on very good terms with the boss.

If it was just a casual work relationship (or you actually don't really like your boss) I'd just say something like a very generous raise salary wise, and better perks and benefits overall and then change the subject to something else like how you're working on transitioning X project to Y coworker and need to check in on some files.

If they press you for more detail, just smile awkwardly and tell them you don't feel comfortable discussing the details as you aren't sure it wouldn't violate a confidentiality clause (some companies do have those).
Title: Re: Is it weird for current boss to ask what I got from new boss?
Post by: mountains_o_mustaches on October 29, 2016, 11:06:08 AM
I don't think it's weird.  I just went through a job search myself.  I had 2 offers on the table and was open about this to both parties.  Once I made my decision the boss for the job I turned down asked me about what the other side had to offer - partly because he wanted to see if they could match it and partly to have a good understanding of why his company is losing to the company I work for.  I mean ultimately it's up to you whether you want to share the information, but I think it's reasonable to ask.  Your boss is trying to retain good employees and part of that is understanding the competition so to speak.  Congrats on the new job and the raise! 
Title: Re: Is it weird for current boss to ask what I got from new boss?
Post by: Emg03063 on October 30, 2016, 07:08:40 AM
If it's an internal company move, yes, that's wierd.  Unless your current boss is being frozen out by upper management, they should be able to get that info from HR.