Author Topic: Got the shaft by home warranty or HVAC company. Can I do anything about it?  (Read 613 times)


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So let me paint a picture; it's January in Minnesota, we have two sick kids - a 2 year old and a 9 month old - and the heat goes out at 3pm on a Friday afternoon.  My wife freaks out that it's getting cold so I call the home warranty company ASAP to get someone out to fix it.  They can't get anyone out till Monday except for a crappy vendor we've had before and really didn't like for various reasons - so we ask them if we can call around and use our own vendor.  They agree and we call some local companies. The only one who can come out that day was one we've used before and seemed like a reputable company.

They got someone out to us at 5pm, the home warranty company needs to speak to them prior to authorizing the work. The tech tells them it's a $900 part and with labor the total cost will be $1400. The home warranty says they approve the vendor but that they would only be able to reimburse the work based on their own