Author Topic: Any Nikon D7200/D7500 users on-board?  (Read 653 times)


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Any Nikon D7200/D7500 users on-board?
« on: March 29, 2018, 06:09:20 AM »
Been using my trusty Nikon D70 since 2005, and before that my Nikon F2 film camera.  Since I have lenses, flashes, etc within the Nikon ecosystem, figure I'll stick with the brand, and the cropped DX sensor.  The D7500 looks very nice indeed (as does the D7200), and I'm kinda torn between them.  I know either will seem as if going from an Ox-cart to a Lexus.

I like the larger grip of the D7500, its reported superior low-light capabilities, semi- articulating rear touch screen, WI-Fi capability, and superior focusing (also the ability to adjust for front/back focus of your lenses).  Cropped 4k video seems nice, but not sure how valuable over the D7200's 1080.

I like the ability of the D7200 to meter older Nikkor lenses, it's reported better dynamic range over the D7500, and its two SD slots (not a big deal, but nice)

I really like the idea that both will have a much larger and brighter viewfinder, superior dynamic range, and much, much better high ISO performance over the D70...  I would hope so considering the ancient technology, and no slam against the D70 at all.  Also wanted to ask what SD cards do you like in the D7500/D7200?  I have always had good luck with many SanDisk Extreme cards in CF format, so figure whatever their fastest compatible SD card is for the D7500/D7200, would be great.  Thanks.


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Re: Any Nikon D7200/D7500 users on-board?
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2018, 06:48:31 AM »
Any of the SanDisk Extreme cards should be good/reliable.

I was a big fan of Lexar, and sad to see them exit the memory card space. A bunch of Lexar alumni started a new company:

Can't vouch for quality, but I would expect it to be good.

WRT the 7200/7500 debate ... I'm still shooting D300 and D700 on the Nikon side, and switched to Canon 6D at work, so I'm not going to be very helpful.

How much video do you shoot? We got our first 4K cinema camera last year, but we're still editing and mastering in 1080. It's great for being able to crop into the shot, but we aren't delivering 4K content.

In over 10 years of shooting, I've never felt compelled to touch the AF fine tune on any of my cameras. Legacy metering is great, but doesn't matter if you don't use legacy glass, so it's pretty clear cut.

For me, color rendering, image quality, clean high ISO images and handling are the only things I care about.

Maybe try renting each one for a week or so before you buy.