Author Topic: Question re. no-fee bank account in France (for someone who lives in N. America)  (Read 1125 times)


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I lived in France about 15 years ago and I've kept my bank account open since it had been so difficult to get it open in the first place.  We travel to France at least once per year.  The account has been handy because we can transfer cash when rates are favourable (e.g. when the Canadian $ is high and the Euro is low) so that we can pay our holiday rental apartment by check.

Since September 2017, my bank has started charging me quarterly fees of 25 Euros on the checking account.  Ouch.  My yearly banking activities consist of one or two checks per year, and a few incoming transfers using (no bank fees).  Nothing more than that, aside from online transfers between my checking and savings accounts.

Wondering if there are any Mustachians in North America who know of a good bank in France, online or otherwise, with no, or low, fees.


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