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Investment Account Tracking
« on: December 06, 2016, 11:47:14 PM »
I realized/remembered recently that I have not been good about downloading statements from our financial institutions (as in, probably haven't done it in a couple years at least), and between that and finally transferring over to the new YNAB, I'm starting to wonder if I should be tracking some of my investment accounts, either in YNAB or Excel.

I'm curious what others do to track investment accounts - both what is tracked and how it is done. We have 401k, Roth 401k, 403b, Roth IRA and Taxable investment accounts. Most have index funds holdings, but we do own ~5 stocks. I do have records of our Roth IRA contributions for each year, from filing our taxes, but do not have details of all the transactions (and do not have details for the Roth 401k contributions, other than what I might be able to find online). I track the account values/net worth every 2-3 months, so it's not really current values I'm worried about, but transaction history, contribution history, etc. We've hardly ever sold any investments, so I'm not sure what records I should be keeping independently from the institutions where these assets are held. I'm really good at tracking/managing the rest of our finances, but this is an area where I think we are lacking!

Any advice is appreciated!


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Re: Investment Account Tracking
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2016, 04:45:50 AM »
Personal capital! Hands down the best way I've found to track my accounts.  Then I can use PC to update my end of month spreadsheet.