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Can anyone go into further detail on this red bean food poisoning thing?  I had some long frozen chili the other night (with red beans) and I think I may have abused the beans.  I'll spare the details but something was seriously not right. Ha ha

Red kidney beans will make you sick if they are not cooked properly to begin with. So, canned beans OK (they already been cooked). Cooked beans and frozen for any length of time, then eaten frozen, thawed out and eaten, or thawed/reheated will be OK.

Where people get in trouble is they throw them in a slow cooker or other such device that slowly cooks them at a low heat, not enough to kill the toxins. I hear you'll really know it as the effects are bad.. severe headaches, vomiting, not just a little montezumas revenge or anything.

REad this wiki article for recommendations when dealing with dried red kidney beans: