Author Topic: Public transport vs a scooter  (Read 2048 times)


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Public transport vs a scooter
« on: December 03, 2013, 08:59:38 AM »
I just sold my car so I had been looking for options to maximimize savings.
Just gonna say upfront,don't recommend to take up biking.

Im in luck that here in Aruba,there are both busses and what they call mini-busses.

The commute is 7 miles.
If I take the (mini)bus it'll be a 1.5 mile(30 min) walk from the halt to work.
Minibusses cost 2.50 florin per go ,which equals to about $1.40 USD x 2 per day.
In general I work about 20 days per month.

Would I build more savings on the costs of a scooter or that of taking the (mini) bus?


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Re: Public transport vs a scooter
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2013, 12:07:15 PM »
You would have to factor in the price of the purchase of the scooter, maintenance, insurance, license and gas.

Life is not just about saving money, so there are of course other non-financial factors to keep in mind: enjoyment, freedom to practically go where and when you want, etc. In your case, living in Aruba where you can use a scooter all year round, I would tend to think that getting a small scooter would be your best option overall even if it would cost more, but check your figure and decide based on your priorities.


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