Author Topic: Interview coming up next week  (Read 1449 times)

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Interview coming up next week
« on: June 03, 2015, 03:45:20 PM »
Hello Fellow Mustachians,

I've got an executive-level job interview coming up for a business association. I'm 27 and have been the assistant director at another association since my graduation and built excellent partnerships, and learned what it takes to run this type of organization - I'm generally comfortable around executives, and have enough experience and business connections to get the job and perform its functions, but I'm looking for some interview tips, especially given my age and the fact I'll have four executives (members) in the interview panel+the current executive who is retiring. I'm not always quick on my feet when it comes to public speaking/interviewing, but my interpersonal and social skills are excellent (according to current association members). I really want the job - multiple reasons, including I think I'd love the job (similar to what I'm doing, but being #1), the money would take 6-8 years off my FIRE date, and I'm getting less enthusiastic about being #2 in my current gig (although the perks are pretty great). Would love to hear from some executives out there!


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Re: Interview coming up next week
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2015, 04:20:05 PM »
I interview quite of bit of people for my company and I found reading this book made me a better interviewer:

One thing people are looking are for is to answer the question "do I want to work with this person?"

It is not just about skills and experience it is about finding someone who fits your corporate culture.