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Title: International Movers
Post by: canisius on March 30, 2018, 08:39:07 AM
Hello!  Does anyone have any recomendation with international movers or moving? So far, we’ve received two quotes door-to-door and insured (but me and friends who work for beer loading and unloading) for about 4300, which is still cheaper than buying everything new. 
Title: Re: International Movers
Post by: grantmeaname on March 31, 2018, 01:31:19 AM
How much stuff are you moving? Are you talking about a full container or a small groupage shipment? We are moving for about $900 but we're only moving about 100 sq ft and we're going London>NYC (so big port to big port).

I went to one of those sites that you put in an indicative volume to be moved and then 25 people spam you with offers. Then I put them all in a pretty scatterplot and picked the low outlier.

I have a friend who does international relocations so I stole her expertise a few times as well. Her biggest advice if you want your move manager to really like you is to call them repeatedly while your personal effects are in the middle of the North Atlantic to inform them that there are storms, as if move managers can head them off using their connections in high places. Bonus points if you decline the insurance offered before doing so.
Title: Re: International Movers
Post by: canisius on March 31, 2018, 07:40:34 AM
We’re looking at about 900 cu feet, although that number seemsto go down when we realize all the junk we have.  So far, we’ve seen door to door quotes for about 4000, but not too many which surprised me.  I suspect the price, and the lack of takers, might be because we’re about 300 miles inland and we’re moving to a city that’s about 200 miles inland.  That said, if there’s any other site you know to get spammed, let me know. 

That’s good advise, on the weather!