Author Topic: Looking for resources on index investing. Particularly about minimizing fees/tax  (Read 1261 times)


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Hey all- can anyone recommend an easy to understand beginner's guide to index investing that goes beyond what MMM has to say on the subject? I'm already invested in a few Vanguard funds, but I would like to better understand my investments.

I'm particularly interested in:
-In-depth info on how fees and taxes are calculated, and how to minimize them
-ETFs versus funds- is there any reason I shouldn't move my mutual funds into the same ETFs right this moment?
-Rebalancing. I like the basic concept of rebalancing stocks and bonds as the market teeter-totters, but I'd like to read up more on it- particularly the risks, and information on how to automate it.

Thank you for your help!


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These questions are specifically answered in the Boglehead Wiki

I'd also look at their reading list as well.    You might consider asking this questions on the forum too....not the most frugal bunch of people but smart investors nonetheless.   It's a great question and think you will get a flood of answers.