Author Topic: Best organic, cold-pressed olive and coconut oils  (Read 1598 times)


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Best organic, cold-pressed olive and coconut oils
« on: June 18, 2016, 03:23:15 PM »
I think this has been discussed, but I can't find the threads. I want to ditch my soybean and canola oils, and after I've finished up my current bottle of EVOO, look for something better. Any suggestions? I'm trying to avoid all the factory-processed, hexane soaked, GMO stuff. If anybody buys a good organic butter, I'd love to know the brand. I'm thinking Kerrygold, or maybe home-made Amish butter, which is available near me.


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Re: Best organic, cold-pressed olive and coconut oils
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2016, 06:42:41 PM »

The best olive oil is California Olive Ranch. You can order it at Walmart. com in the "Chef size 47oz" for $15. I order 3 at a time and get free shipping. California Olive Ranch is the olive oil I advise trusting, even Costco olive oil has show to be suspect in terms of mixing in cheaper oils like canola and not disclosing it. Almost every olive oil brand sold at Kroger or Safeway contain canola oil. You can Google the "truth about olive oil" for more information.

For cocknut oil, you are in for a treat! Wilderness Family Nautrals makes the best coconut oil on the planet, and I've tried them. Just buy by the gallon, wait for free shipping or Black Friday sales. Even the less expensive cold pressed oil amazing however I prefer the taste and soothing effects on my skin of the centrifugal oil. My favorite sunburn care is their oil at night before bed, heals every pain! Just not on the face!

Source: nutritionist


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